Manual Can Opener, Yoofor Restaurant Stainless Steel Smooth Edge Can Opener – Black


• Made of high quality Stainless Steel.
• Ease of use and storage. Keep rotating the turning handle around the can and the lid will pop off automatically with least effort. Size: 8.3″ x 3″ x 1″. This product will be your great companion in the kitchen.
• Made to be smooth edged. Leaves no scratch on the lid or can after use. Safe to use without getting hurt.
• Easy to clean and needs no effort. Designed in such a way that the cutting wheel can never touch edible products in the tin. Hence it will not contaminate your food.
• Lifetime quality and money back warranty.

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With its simple and creative design, Yoofor durable safety can opener is a must have product in your kitchen. Extremely durable and heavy duty, the stainless steel blade slices smoothly like butter through the sides of the can, opening it in one touch. The wheel of the can opener is designed with knife-like teeth throughout, which grips the can tightly and also does not lose its sharpness with constant use. The exceptionally sharp cutting disc cuts the can quickly with minimal effort.

How to use:
1. Hold the can opener towards the rim of the can.
2. Press opener securely by the handle and roll the crank forward with your other hand.
3. After roll a roumd of the can. Neatly remove the entire lid from the can.
TIPS. To remove the lid from the can opener, just crank backwards.
P.S. Maybe a little bit hard to use for lefty. The lefty can place the gear on the left side rim of the tin, and crank backwards with your left hand to open it.

Package include:
– 1 Yoofor can opener
– 1 Instructions for the can opener


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